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Personal Resume of Robert Andrews

Work Phone 1426 West 37th Street

Home Phone 310 547 4276 San Pedro, Ca 90731


Experience Summary

  • In-depth NAVSTAR Global Positioning System (GPS) knowledge
  • Real-time software development (embedded systems)
  • System level requirements and ICD definition
  • Extensive software/hardware integration experience
  • Software experience in 1553B interface
  • Extensive use of assembly and FORTRAN, experience in Ada, and familiar with "C++"
  • Machine experience - PC(s), SUN SPARC station, and DEC workstation
  • Extensive experience with documentation Mil-Std 498, used TeamWork and Framemaker
  • Formal/preliminary system test/performance evaluation
  • Consultant/staff engineer/first line management


Experience Specifics


Motorola, Space and Systems Technology Group, Scottsdale, AZ., November 1995 - May 1998

As a consultant, involved in the development of 1553B PROM (assembly) software for the GPS spaceborne receiver. Implemented modifications to re-use (Ada) code for the GPS receiver channel manager. Other activities include the development of a Software Requirements Specification, Interface Requirements Specification, and Software Design Documents for the GPS spaceborne receiver. In the early phase, used TeamWork and FrameMaker to support documentation development. Involved in Technical Interchange Meetings, CDR, and PDR.


Interstate Electronics Corporation, Anaheim, Ca., December 1992 - November 1995


Staff engineer involved as software project lead reporting project progress/status, preparation of software bids with rationale and schedule, plan/prepare documentation per Mil-Std 483, implemented modifications to test software to support the GPS receiver integration and regression testing. Modified existing 1553B (assembly) software to suppress the broadcast mode.


Rockwell Autonetics Electronics System, Anaheim, Ca., October, 1989 - December 1992


Engineer MTS V involved in a highly classified GPS environment. Duties included the implementation of a communication network interface to a commercial GPS receiver unit. Implemented low signal-to-noise and cold start algorithms. Software was done in Ada.


Analytic Specialties Corp, Laguna Niguel, Ca., April 1984 - November 1992


Consultant - Part time/on-call assignments to Interstate Electronics Corp to provide modifications to the post test evaluation (FORTRAN) software to support the GPS range activities.

Consultant - Full time assignments to Interstate Electronics Corp to generate system level requirements for test control and post-test software items. Provided the software implementation for the post-test and created a user interface to the vendor supplied graphics plot package.

Consultant - Part-time assignment to Magnavox responsible for software design and implementation of modifications to the GPS Phase I satellite simulation software to accommodate the GPS NDS to ONS satellite message format.


TRW Defense System Group, Redondo Beach, Ca., January 1984 - May 1985


Staff Engineer - involved in the top-level design for the TEAL RUDY Data Analysis segment. Developed the qualification test plan/procedures for MX Missile Operational Program simulation.


ITT Gilfillan, Van Nuys, Ca., August 1983 - January 1984


Staff engineer - developed software driver to support touch panel units.


Magnavox Advanced Products Co., Torrance, Ca., August 1977 - August 1983


Group supervisor for the GPS Receiver Software Group responsible for receiver software performance and hardware/software integration. Other activities included schedules /manpower planning and software development.


Hughes Aircraft Ground System Group, Fullerton, Ca., July 1973 - August 1977


MTS programmer involved in design, code and hardware/software integration for the mortar/artillery phased array radar system.




BA Mathematics, California State University, Long Beach, Ca., 1973.


Graduate Studies in Mathematics, CSULB, 1976.


Clearance: Active secret and an inactive top secret.


References: References can be supplied upon request.

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