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Resume of George Stout

58 20th Street

Hermosa Beach, CA90245

(310) 379-2564


Expertise          Over 20+ years of experience in the Analysis, simulation, and design of communications systems and components with an emphasis on the RF and Microwave areas.  Specialize in the development of Communications Receiver architecture  and detailed component, design and development which require minimal or no tuning.


1980 – 1984  Motorola Government Electronics Group                        Scottsdale, Az

JR/SR Engineer

 Design and development of RF, analog, and digital components for Space based systems.  Major design tasks included 120MHz ultra low phase noise oscillator, L to X band SRD multiplier, phase modulator.  Left as one of the companies youngest task leaders responsible for system analysis and providing technical direction for 6 engineers and technicians.

  1984–1997 Aerospace Corporation Electronics Research Laboratories         El Segundo, Ca

SR RF Systems Engineer

 84'- 85' Performed primarily RF system and component analysis tasks on classified satellite systems in the engineering division.

 86'- 88' First engineer in 20 some year history of Electronics Research Labs to be transferred from engineering to ERL, continued system and component analysis, developed a number of microwave (to 26 GHz) test structures and fixtures for active device measurements.  Started development of a general purpose Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum Communications test set.  The test set was a complete SS transceiver (antenna to data processing equipment).  On completion of the test set, we used the system to evaluate the user ground system, and perform experiments on the on-orbit classified satellite.

 89'- 96 Technical Director of Signals Research Laboratory – First engineer to move from level1 to level2 staff without going through a management position. The achievements on the test set prompted one of the Black activities to sponsor development of the Signals Research Laboratory.  Was responsible for developing the laboratory resources and capabilities, and led all technical activities.  The hardware intensive lab provided a quick reaction "Skunk Works" for the program offices, with the objective of providing vulnerability analyses, reverse engineering, electronic implantation, electronic finger printing, and modification of commercial equipment functionality for military use.  Some major accomplishments included; development of a 1GHz arbitrary waveform generator, with fast hop and Direct sequence spreading capabilities, system engineering for a mobile collection "small semi-truck" which would fit in a 747's cargo bay, development of a TDM/TDMA dual channel receiver, research into techniques to significantly increase data throughput on fixed bandwidth systems resulting in an Trellis Coded modulation modem development in the lab, design and development and deployment of 7 man pack satellite communications systems for special forces.

 1996–1998   SiRF Technology                                                       Los Angeles, Ca

SR RF Systems Engineer

   Responsible for all RF component development at GPS chip startup SiRF Technology in the companies first two years.  Major accomplishments included bringing up the first GPS RF chip (designed outside), development of chip production test fixtures, and development of the RF portion of SiRFs first GPS engine.  Designed 50% of SiRFs first internally produced RF chip, the GRF1 which went into high volume production.  Specific chip designs were the PLL charge pump, IF/AGC amplifiers, PECL output buffers, and all digital components for the registers and PLL circuitry.  Performed all system analyses and simulations on the chip including gain distribution, spurious, PLL lock etc... 

     1998–2000  Consultant.                                                       Hermosa Beach, Ca

SR RF Systems Engineer

  Worked as a consultant for a number of companies primarily NavCom Tech.  Major accomplishments included development of an 0.8dB Noise Figure GPS/Inmarsat LNA and stripline/microstrip dual frequency antenna hybrid structures (in hi volume production),  development of a dual frequency L1/L2 GPS engine (in high volume production), development of a high anti-jam, low power CA code GPS engine for aircraft (going into production).

1999–Present  NavCom Tech./Consulting.                        Hermosa Beach, Ca

SR RF Systems Engineer

Recently moved from a direct employee at Navcom to part time consulting.  Consulting activities – In-sync Interactive Management – System engineering on 220 MHz transceiver, including architectural design, Frequency plans,  spur analyses, gain distribution, jamming analyses, etc.  Detailed design of RF portion from antenna to bits of transceiver.  Transceiver in final stages of system testing.  Alpine Microtech – Developed 5.8, 10, & 20GHz microstrip on silicon structures for their "Micro Pallet" technology.  First test wafer to be produced this quarter.  Clare/Micronix – Performing system architecture for an MSK transceiver chipset.   

Education                         1975–1976 ASEE Hocking Technical College                             Nelsonville, Oh 1977–1980 BSEE Ohio University                                                  Athens, Oh                                  Graduated top of class, have received approximately 40 Hrs graduate credit at OU, ASU, and USC in analog and RF devices, and communications system theory.

 References available on request.

          Addendum to Resume'

 Resources – A major objective of the company is to provide turnkey engineering services for the customer.  This is especially important for the smaller companies, which can't afford to buy or rent expensive RF equipment and don't need a full-time RF engineer.

 I presently have laboratory resources to perform tasks up to 3GHz, and am in the process of increasing the frequency resources as needed to support customer requests.  A complete laboratory with the latest RF equipment, Network Analyzer, Spectrum Analyzer, scopes, generators etc. is available on site.  A Metcal rework station with microscope, etc. is also available in the laboratory.  A complete stock of chip components (R's, L's< & C's) is also kept to quickly turn proto-types.

  All equipment is purchased to be compatible with the latest computer interfaces to support full electronic documentation of measurements, etc. for minimizing costs to the customer.  For example all instruments have floppy drives and 488 or RS232 buses.

 I have developed relationships with Agilent and Continental Resources for rental of equipment when a specialty instrument is required.

 A complete and growing set of software tools has been purchased to support almost any task.  Including:

Eaglewares Superstar microwave simulator with PLL, S filter, etc. modules, Elanix System View system communications, RF, DSP, simulator, MathCad, Pspice, EEPAL, and schematic capture and PCB layout software packages.

 I also have contacts with two Digital Systems & Components consultants which each have 15+ years experience in the development of DSP, and microprocessor based hardware solutions.  I have teamed up with these guys to provide complete communications systems to customers in the past.  I have a part time technician who significantly lowers the overall cost to a program by providing support in the areas of parts acquisition, proto-type building, etc..    

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