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                             Resume of lj Palmer

Phone: 310-532-8796 Gardena, Ca, 90249


Over 24 years of experience in NAVSTAR GPS, covering the entire Receiver development cycle from Product Specification through Design and Code to System integration.

April 1997- October 2002 NavCom Technology

(Till August 1999 Consultant, after that, an employee)

GPS Product Software Manager and Software Technical lead on the development of their Advanced GPS Receiver, the NCT-2000 D and its pre-cursor, the PowerGPS.  This included the following:

* Software development for a new ASIC to control receiver signal tracking loops/control.

* Receiver Control design and implementation.

* Receiver Processing Implementation  (Dual frequency).

* External interface definitions and implementation.

* Navigation control logic for multiple modes of Receiver operation. (Least squares implementation) 

* WAAS Correction support.

* Software management of all areas including software support tools.

July 1995- March 1996 Cue Networks (Consultant)

Helped develop a wide area GPS differential network using FM sub-carrier signals as the distribution medium.  This network covered 95% of populated areas of the US48.  

April 1992- June 1995 Magnavox (Consultant)

Brought in to write the Product specification for a pair of New Military GPS receivers based on their commercial receiver.  After the Specification was accepted, they asked me stay on to implement the prototype software for both a Precise GPS receiver and a CA receiver.  Software included implementation of new receiver processing/ base band software for P-code dual frequency tracking.  

May 1991- March 1992 Allen Osborne Associates, Inc.

Lead GPS software engineer working with JPL on the initial creation of the Turbo-Rogue GPS Receiver.

May 1979- May 1991 Magnavox Advanced Products and System Company.

Staff Software Engineer that worked/lead a wide variety of software and system integration tasks during my 12 years there. These included:

* Lead software engineer for GPS Phase I programs.

* Algorithm development of Phase II simulators.

* Help with the initial study contract on the possibilities of Differential GPS

* Led Military Receiver Working Group. This group Designed/Implemented receiver control/processing for a number of GPS programs at the same time.

* Designed and implemented a memory detection and correction package that improved performance of Magnavox's GPSPAC space born receiver.  RAM memory was taking bit hits in space causing the program to crash. Software was installed to check for program disturbances and fix them in very little space.

* Kalman Filter tuning adaptation.

Education: BS/MS Applied Mathematics, San Diego State University 1979


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